Brand identities have been brought to life with branded Rollor Packaging and company branded Rollors. See what clients have presented their customers or employees with their own branded Rollor Packaging and Rollors and find out how you can create your own branded version.



Rollor helps companies with crease-free technologies & packaging solutions to make the difference. We strive to collaborate with e-commerce businesses who value innovation in packaging just as much as we do. Please have a look at what we did for our customers as mentioned below.

“At OGER, we want to make sure our unboxing experience matches the strong in-store shopping experience. Using Rollor packaging, we both offer an innovative and crease-free way to ship our high-end suits, blazers and coats. Rollor has spent great attention to the exterior as well, making ‘our’ Rollor as recognizable as our identity.


Wesley Valstar, E-Commerce & Digital Manager at OGER

BALR is an international luxury lifestyle brand known for its high-quality fashion, travel products and accessories for men and women. The brand, established in the Netherlands, uses Rollor Packaging to ship their range of high-quality fashion items crease-free.

“We see the Rollor Packaging as a smart, innovative and efficient solution for crease free shipping of clothing items. It offers our customers a surprising online shopping experience and they perceive the same quality experience as when shopping our store. Added benefit: the use of the Rollor Packaging seems to have a positive effect on sales.”


Pieter Heij, Director multichannel de Bijenkorf (part of Selfridge’s group)

The Society shop is a premium fashion retail chain in North-western Europe. It uses Rollor Packaging Curve in store to pack the customer’s newly purchased suit, to take home in a safe and crease free condition.


The Rollor can be the perfect business gift. It can be easily branded with a company name, logo or can even be fully customized. See which clients already made a great impact and offered your customers or employees this great alternative to the traditional boring, vulnerable garment bags.

The Italian fabric manufacturer Zignone is appreciated by most major fashion manufacturers for their high-quality fabrics. Together with Zignone we designed this bespoke Rollor Zignone Edition; featuring their innovative new type of fabric on the outer skin of the Rollor and their branding on the closing strap. This special edition was used to introduce their new fabric line.

This Opel Leasing is a Dutch car leasing service for Opel. Opel Leasing was provided with branded Rollor Essentials together with a customized branded outerbox.

Dom Pérignon is a prestige brand of vintage champagne. Each vintage is unique and reinterprets the unique character of its season. Rollor has equiped Dom Pérignon with branded Rollor Prestiges All Black.

Distinctively Different is the men’s shop for luxury goods. They are specialized in luxurious goods for men and has become a reseller for the Rollor Travel Products.

Barneys New York is a chain of luxury department stores, renowned for its original aesthetic sense and its high-end, quality products. In collaboration with a Barneys New York franchise in Japan, the first edition of the Rollor Prestige All Black has been produced.

Rollor provided Mercedes-Benz Dealer VA with MB/VA branded Rollor Premiums. These were used as a loyalty gift for their valued customers.

Colliers International is a global commercial real estate services organization. For their Prague division, Rollor designed branded Rollor Essentials. Colliers used them as business gifts.

Skémate is an Italian manufacturer of judicial robes of elegant practicality. Skémata has also become a reseller for Rollor. A branded Rollor Essential can be bought with Skémata’s innovative robes.

‘Complete with the looks, and great gear to match’

P.K. Subban, NHL Ice Hockey Player for the Nashville Predators


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