Rollor Technology is a patented, crease-free technology that allows clothing to be packed in a compact, protected and crease-free manner. It is based on two principles: no folding and no pressure. This ensures fashion items to stay crease-free.



“On the way to present my graduate thesis, I decided to get something to eat. The sushi on my plate looked beautiful and logical, while the garment bag that hung next to me seemed unwieldy. This is where the idea developed to roll up suits. All that was needed was something to guarantee that they would remain wrinkle free: our patented Rollor Technology.”


Teun van der Laan, Rollor Technology’s Inventor


Rollor technology is a proven technology that guarantees wrinkle-free results for everything under and between the upright rims. Rollor has the only technology that always guarantees a wrinkle-free result.


Our design philosophy: we develop products like aircraft’s: The whole is more than the sum of parts, every part is there for a reason. Nothing is just stuck on, there is a point to every detail.


Dutch design: Rollor is a 100% Dutch company. We develop stylish, durable products and solutions that take away peoples frustrations of having to appear, or having to accept that clothing arrives in a creased condition after transit or upon home delivery. Our design studio is a master in surprising customers with amazing designs that exceed customers expectations in functionality as well as in consumer experience.



Sustainability is a Rollor core value. Our new Rollor Packaging is completely made out of cardboard. Not only is it the first rollable cardboard packaging in the world, it is 100% plastic-free. And that is not the only benefit to the environment the Rollor Packaging has to offer! Do you have an idea to make our products even more sustainable? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!


Since its establishment, Rollor has developed into a company that is rolling out its patented Rollor Technology around the world. From distinctive consumer products to exceptional marketing tools, unique fulfilment solutions and even fully integrated picking, packing and shipping processes. Rollor is the partner for those for whom packaging shipping, chargeable weight and customer satisfaction are important.


The basic technology behind Rollor is the rolling up of clothing between upright rims. This eliminates sharp angles and any possible outside pressure. Everything between the rims can’t wrinkle, won’t get dirty and cannot be damaged. Rollor is the solution for the transport and shipping of delicate clothing.


Does Rollor Technology really work?

Absolutely, we guarantee that everything between and under the rim will remain wrinkle free! In fact: we dare you to test this. Contact us to discover how Rollor Technology works in practice.

Will this align with our shipping process? Will the Rollor Packaging truly improve efficiency?

Our partners can confirm that the Rollor leads to fewer returns, more fluid workflow on the handling side, thanks to its simple implementation, and therefore also a more efficient shipping process. To guarantee efficiency improvement, our Rollor Design Studio designers will visit your workplace to integrate the Rollor into your shipping process as efficiently as possible.

Does the Rollor Express take up a lot of warehouse space?

We can ship the Rollor to you both assembled and unassembled. Assembly is an easy process that can be integrated into the picking and packing process without taking up more time. The shipping process will continue to run smoothly and Rollor does not occupy additional volume in your warehouse.

How quickly can you supply?

Depending on the size and specifications of the order we can supply inside a day to a maximum of six weeks. Make an appointment with us to discover how fast Rollor could be delivered to you.

Can every Rollor be customised?

Yes, though how much this costs depends on the size of the order. The Rollor Design Studio likes to co-conceptualise suitable solutions. Get in touch with us to discuss the options.

Will my customers like the Rollor?

By now over 10,000 Rollors have been shipped to full satisfaction. A study has proven that customers value Rollor packaging more highly than standard packaging. This has a positive effect on the retailer’s image and leads to higher levels of appreciation for the brand. Rollor has a positive effect on customer loyalty. If you have questions concerning the study: please call us for references.

Is the Rollor also suitable for clothing other than suits and dresses?

From jeans to shirts: everything that fits under and between the rim will arrive guaranteed wrinkle free! Do you have another application for Rollor Technology in mind? If so, get in touch!

Can I use your technology? Can I license Rollor Technology?

We will be more than happy to discuss licensing opportunities.

Do you supply worldwide?

From Mexico to South Korea, Rollor has satisfied clients everywhere. Rollor is a global provider.

How many pieces of clothing fit in my Rollor?

All our products are designed to carry one clothing item: Suit, dress etc. However, we have had customers who have successfully put more pieces of garments inside without complications. Our rule of thumbs is: if the garments do not exceed the height of the foam rail, the garments are protected. With multiple pieces of garments this limit is quickly exceeded. Therefor we cannot 100% guaranty good quality when multiple pieces of garments are put inside.


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